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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Choose to Be Tired

Sometimes I think I should update my Facebook status. I sit there and think, "Vanessa is... what? What am I right now? Tired. I'm tired." Probably about 80% of the time that is what goes through me head. So, I post nothing. I can't keep posting that I'm tired over and over again. Why not? Besides that it makes me look like I not only have a boring life and must be boring also - since I have nothing better to say, it indirectly reflects on my parenting. I can just hear people thinking, "Why is she so tired all the time? Is that baby not sleeping through the night yet? Man, she needs to train him how to sleep, and stop giving in to his wants all night."
Well, you know what? No, he's not sleeping through the night, not even more than three hours at a time, and yes, I'm quite aware of how old he is, but I will take this happy well adjusted baby over a good nights sleep anytime. Today, we left him in the care of people we had never left him with before (yes, of course he knew them), for longer than we had ever left him, for only the fifth time we have ever left him at all. He kissed us goodbye, waved at the window, and proceeded to have a grand old time, not missing us one bit, until he rushed smiling to hug us when we came home. That's what co-sleeping and night nursing have helped do for my child. He's independent, safe, and secure in his world. He knows he can trust his parents to provide a safe environment and constant security for him. He has no need to freak out when we leave him.
I had one very caring mother tell me that it was so important to put babies in their own room, or they would have such a hard time learning to be independent. To that I say, "Have you seen my son?"

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